Sub Divide Your Block,
Discover the real value in your property!

Why Sub Divide?

Sub Division is one of the most effective and rewarding property ventures for those looking to capitalise on the value of their property. Through sub division, you can turn your large block of land into a very profitable investment!

In theory, it sounds pretty simple. However, when something sounds this simple, the reality is usually a little different and slightly more complicated, but that's why we're here to help!

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Allows For Downsizing

Future Financial Security

Opportunities come in different shaped packages and sometimes it’s hard to envisage the potential of a block of land that houses more than one dwelling. That’s why Sub Divide SA was created by Building Group SA, to provide a specialised knock down rebuild and subdivision full service. Some builders say they offer knock down/subdivision products but at Sub Divide SA we’re your true full-service in-house team at Building Group SA!

Sub Divide SA is a specialised in-house team of the awarded Building Group SA team. Sub Divide SA relish the opportunity to develop your property to its full potential and are experienced in managing the entire process – from design, to demolition, to subdivision, sales and construction. There are many rewards when subdividing property.

The opportunity to create a new property to fulfil the specific demands of the market can bring great financial gain that can then be reinvested to grow your property portfolio. When it comes time to build your new property, we offer an extensive range of plans that will suit your land. Some subdivisions will be unique and may need custom design or significant civil works to create the best outcome for your land.


Our in-house planning and design team is experienced in designing challenging homes and delivering strong council outcomes to suit a variety of shaped allotments. So, you know your home will come with the design and construction that best suits your needs.

As you can see, Sub Divide SA can not only offer leading advice, design, demolition and build form, but also joint venture opportunities, marketing and sales to ensure your project is a financial success. Sub Divide SA along with Building Group SA has delivered 100’s of solutions and is proud to be a part of one of South Australia's fastest growing builders.


So, whether it's your Knock-Down rebuild, hammerhead or split block, Sub Divide SA is here to guide you into the best project outcome!