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Opportunities come in different shaped packages and sometimes it’s hard to envisage the potential of a block of land that houses more than one dwelling. Building Group SA relish the opportunity to develop your property to its full potential and are experienced in managing the entire process – from design, to demolition, to subdivision, and construction.
There are many rewards when subdividing property. The opportunity to create a new property to fulfil the specific demands of the market can bring great financial gain that can then be reinvested to grow your property portfolio

When we look at the overall costs to sub-divide, Building Group SA take the following into account:

Cost of the site

Demolition approval

Demolition costs

Services (sewer, water and gas)

Location of services on the block

Other associated development costs

Transfer and legal costs

Subdivision costs (e.g. civil design, town planning, public notices, council fees and any council contributions)

Associated site costs (leveling and retaining)

Building and construction costs

When the time comes to build your new property, we offer an extensive range of plans that will suit your land. Some subdivisions will be unique and may need a home to be custom designed to best suit your land. Our in-house design team is experienced in homes in order to suit a wide variety of different shaped allotments so that you know your home will come with the design and construction that best suits your needs.

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